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A magical strategy card game of wizard vs. Wizard. Cast the best spells. Claim glory!

What is Tome?

Tome is 2-4 player card strategy game where players compete to build the best spells from a limited pool of spell components. The player then casts spells to either attack their opponents or heal themselves.

Each player takes on the role of a wizard with their own powerful signature moves, so players must concentrate on gathering cards that feed their own attacks while trying to remove cards your opponent might need.

Tome is quick-fire, strategic wizarding duel to the death! Easy to learn & fun to play – are you ready to face the Trial of The Tome?

Always take care when handling the Noxilus Fungilatus, or noxious mushroom as it is more commonly known. It will enhance your poison-based spells BUT if it touches your skin you’re toast!

The lore: The trial of The Tome

“The trial of the tome has essentially been the ‘entrance exam’ for the fabled Order of Wizards for longer than there has been written word. The Order only considers accepting new members once every 4 years – when the locust moon aligns with the Tears of Azir. It is a notoriously exclusive organization comprised of the greatest wizards from all over the inner Archepelagos, and the cost of entry is steep – you must wager your skills against your life.

They have this ceremonial Tome, you see, or ‘The Tome’ as it is infamously known, and written in it are the names of a variety of spell components – some common and some quite rare. The Wizards must choose components, one by one, and then literally try to outcast each other. The price of failure is death. It is quite the grizzly affair, as once the Tome is open it is not closed until there is only one Wizard left. That wizard is granted membership – and with it all the perks and privileges that come with the order. I first witnessed the Trial of The Tome while on an expedition to The Isle of Obscura, in which…”

An excerpt from ‘My Time with the Order’ by Pontius Pleck, head Scribe at Brasswood Academy 

Combining limited resource strategy and attack/defence tactics

A new kind of MAGICAL strategy

Combining limited resource strategy and attack/defence tactics

So how do you play Tome? (A very quick, simple overview)

1. Choose your wizard with unique spellcasting abilities!

2. Layout the spell components from the Tome in a grid.

3. Draw your cards from the selection, but choose wisely! Build powerful spell combos.

4. When all cards are drawn, cast your best magics against your opponents! Fireball!

5. Try for powerful combos and unique cards from the grid to boost your spells!

6. Cast the best spells and defeat the other Wizards to ascend to Wizarding godhood!

Meet Some Of the Characters from The World of Tome!

Shannon De La Cour took to magic like a duck takes to water. If anyone was born to cast spells it would be her.
Before she turned 3, little Shannon would levitate their pet dog around the room in fits of giggles, and send sparks flying from the tips of her toes just for the joy of it.
As she got older, her fondness for magic turned into a deep passion – and so she dedicated her life to honing her skills in the hope of learning all there is to know to hopefully one day benefit humankind. But don’t be misguided – Shannon De La Cour is not all sunshine and giggles, and she certainly does not suffer fools. There may not be a kinder soul in all the land – but do not mistake kindness for weakness. I doubt there are many quite so deadly in the arcane arts!

Meet Lord B. Bartholomew – the youngest son of a well-regarded legacy caster family. Exuberantly wealthy and horrendously entitled, Lord B. has never cared for the pursuit of knowledge or power, and only strives to be a part of the Order due to pressure from his father and older brother – both who hold positions of high regard in the very same organization. Lord B understands that the Trial of the Tome (the ordeal required for entry) is a dual to the death but fears the alternative above all else – being cut off and ostracized from the Bartholomew’s forever…

Madame Lamoor was raised in upper sects of the golden city where the practice of wizardry is seen as heretical and punishable by death. Any person or creature found with innate casting ability were routed out and destroyed; branded as ‘thieves of divine power’ from the all-powerful three-faced god.
Not one to sit idly by while her kin go punished, Madame Lamoor quickly became infamous as an underground Matriarch – providing safe-haven for any and all who requested it. For years she operated in secret, but as tensions in the city reach an all time high – she knew she must seek outside help and powerful allies. It is with this that she signs herself up for the Trial of The Tome. If she succeeds, it would mean access to powerful Magics and supplies that could help protect her people and bring a new age to the Golden City. And if she loses… well. All is lost anyway.

What our play testers are saying

This game is so much fun! I love trying to outwit my opponents and beat them to the best spell component combos! Endless enjoyment.


The grid system for this game is very clever. I felt like every choice I made had a knock-on effect for all of us playing! It’s also very rewarding to land a powerful spell 😀


I really love the styles of gameplay with Tome! I was trying for as many small spells as possible, but my opponent was going all in on massive spell combos! I won’t say who won – let’s just say the card gods didn’t shine on my this day.


Loads of fun and quick to play! I could see this game bing played competitively at quite a high level because of the amount of combos you can pull off grow with your skill level! Thrilling gameplay! 


 I really enjoyed getting to play Tome, and I especially love the lore woven around every character and spell component. This added a new level of fun for me! 10/10 


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