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We Make Board Games & Table Top Stuff

We are a small indie game studio based in Los Angeles dedicated to designing incredible games that both entice & entertain. We focus on the sweet spot between epic strategy & intricate story to bring you games with hours of replay-ability. If you like a good character background – you’re in good company!

Cunning Strategy with epic story? Thats our jam, folks.

We focus on building games with rich worlds and colorful characters! Immerse yourself in magical worlds of awe! 

Good news, traveler!
Our brand new strategy game ‘Tome’ is coming this summer!

Tome is a card-based magical strategy duel to the death! Create the best spells and defeat the other wizards to claim your rightful place in the fabled Order of Wizards. Are you brave enough to face the Trial of The Tome?

2-4 Players | 11+ | 15-30 minute Gameplay | Strategy, ATK & DF


– Our epic ‘grid pool’ system adds a thoughtful layer of strategy to every game!


Easy to learn, fun to play & just waiting to be mastered! Will you be the tome champion?


– Each character and spell component comes with its own backstory and interwoven tales, adding depth to an ever-expanding world of lore and INTrigue…


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